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"I have the utmost confidence in Kam-Way and would highly recommend them to anyone."

John Gebhart
Director of Distribution
American Food Distributors-AFD
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of Quiznos LLC)

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Blaine, Washington
(888) 886-5949
Fresno, California
(800) 381-9950

A company poised for continued growth...

Kam Sihota, CEO/founder grew up in the transportation industry with a dream of providing innovative solutions for produce transportation throughout the US and Canada. Kam’s passion led him to leave his home in Fresno, CA for the Northwest corner of Washington. Basing his company away from the standard industry hubs, this location allowed easy access for delivery between the US and Canada. Thus, Kam’s dream became a reality in Kam-Way Transportation.

Kam-Way Transportation has grown from a one man show into an operation with 35+ employees delivering the highest level of communication, integrity, and reliability. Our focus is developing lasting relationships with our customers that allow us to meet their ever-changing needs effectively and efficiently. On that foundation, Kam-Way Transportation will continue to grow worldwide.
Based in Blaine, WA, Kam-Way Transportation operates from two locations servicing throughout US and Canada, with an ever-growing employment and customer base. Give us a call and experience what it means to have a Kam-Way Day!

*Kam-Way Transportation is a member of Bluebook and Redbook directories, iTrade Network, OneNetwork Enterprise, Syncada Partner, and we are a U.S. and Canadian customs bonded broker.


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