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"I have the utmost confidence in Kam-Way and would highly recommend them to anyone."

John Gebhart
Director of Distribution
American Food Distributors-AFD
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of Quiznos LLC)

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We keep it cool on the road.

Kam-Way’s contracted carriers use refrigerated trailers. This means your perishable goods will be transported in the latest model of temperature-controlled trailers to ensure they arrive in the same condition in which they left.

Our carriers remain in constant communication with our customer services specialists, ensuring your perishables and other frozen goods are tracked for temperature and delivery status. Utilizing StarTrak helps our company sync remotely with our carriers to manage temperature control and routes. Since all trucks are California 

*Kam-Way Transportation is a member of Bluebook and Redbook directories, iTrade Network, TIA, OneNetwork Enterprise, Syncada Partner, and we are a U.S. and Canadian customs bonded broker.


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